Season 3 of Spotlights starts again on Monday the 30th of October. The new format is the guest will be announced, you will be able to ask questions before we record the episode!

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Maggie completed a BSc in Biomedicine, and MSc in Precision Medicine and worked as a Medical Writer before starting UG med at Glasgow, where she is now a 2nd year student. She loves writing and her debut novel is set to be released soon!

#Glasgow #UG #Writer

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Abbie completed a BSc in Neuroscience before starting grad med at Warwick, where she is now a 4th (and final!) year student. She loves teaching and MedEd, and using social media for education.

#NeuroscienceGrad #GEM #Warwick


Lauren went into higher education from the unusual background of no A-levels. After taking an access course she completed a degree in theology before starting on the Nottingham GEM course as a single mum and is now a core surgical trainee and mum of 2!

#TheologyGrad #CT1 #CoreSurgicalTrainee #GEM #Nottingham

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