Why was Mature Medics Created?

šŸŸ  Mature medics was created to connect people, provide support, and share experiences.

šŸŸ  Mature students can be faced with challenges not catered for within standard university practice, and finding support can be difficult.

šŸŸ  As a community mature medics have a lot of unique insight to offer and share! Whether it's a previous degree, experience working in another field or simply life experience, this is a place to showcase that!

What is The Mature Medic Platform?

An all new drag-and-drop page builder

The Super Builder is a new tool for creating sleek landing pages right in Notion. Simply drag and drop components into place and change the content until you are happy. Then you can save out your page and turn into a live site using Super. What's more you can add personality to your page using our new themes.

How much is the Super Builder?


The Super Builder is free to use but in order to get it up and running on a live website with a custom domain you'll need a Super account ($12/per month/per site)

Can I change the look and style of my page?

Yep, with custom themes

We are launching 4 new component-based themes with the new Super Builder. These aren't like the traditional themes on our marketplace, but simpler and more flexible themes that mean you can use any of Notion's blocks, however you want!

Get in touch!

If you would like to contribute to the page, with resources or to feature on the spotlight, get in touch!

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