Season 1 Spotlights

Season 1 Spotlights

Rebecca is a qualified PT who still teaches group exercise classes and previously worked as cabin crew! She studied for her GCSEs privately and completed the access course at Manchester before starting med school at Bristol.

#QualifiedPT #AccessCourse #Undergrad #UniversityOfBristol

Mainga has a degree in English literature and a background in media production and publishing. We discuss transferable skills and thriving not just surviving!

#Non-scienceGrad #AccessCourse #Undergrad #UniversityOfBristol

AJ started out as a professional footballer, before studying an undergrad biomedical science degree, a masters in neuroscience and working as a medical secretary at Great Ormond Street.

#ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #UniversityOfBristol

Alex has previously studied Chemistry at the University of Warwick, and then went on to Teacher Training. He decided very quickly that it wasn't the career for him and after a year's experience as an ambulance call handler applied to Medicine.

#ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #QualifiedTeacher #UniversityOfBristol

Emilia has previously studied Human Biology with International Relations at the University of Keele, before starting her medical degree at the University of Leicester.

#ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #UniversityOfLeicester

Zoe has previously studied musical theatre, before working as an HCA then starting her GEM medical degree at the University of Warwick.

#Non-ScienceGrad #GEM #UniversityOfWarwick

Emma previously studied natural sciences at Exeter University, before working as an HCA while applying to medicine. She is a keen sportsperson who enjoys sailing and playing netball!

#ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #UniversityOfBristol #HCA

Paul is a neuroscience Grad who was a mature student during his first undergrad degree, and stayed on at Bristol for medicine. He volunteered as a blood bike driver and with St John Ambulance!

#ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #UniversityOfBristol

Jordan previously studied medical biochemistry at Bristol University, before working as a patient Befriender and now studies medicine at St George's.

#ScienceGrad #GEM #SGUL

Orie previously studied natural sciences at Nottingham University, has experience working as a carer and for the forestry commission and is also an avid traveller and sportswoman.

#ScienceGrad #Undergrad #UniversityOfBristol #Carer

Simon previously studied Pharmacy at Strathclyde University and worked as a pharmacist for 4 years before starting GEM medicine at Cambridge. He loves music and travel, and speaks French!

#ScienceGrad #GEMCourse #UniversityOfCambridge #Pharmacist

Rebecca previously studied Economics, Politics and International Relations at Warwick University and worked before a consultancy firm before starting medicine. She is a volunteer tutor and powerlifter!

#Non-ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #Bristol

Sabina is an international student who previously studied Pre-Med Psychology at the University of Florida, before completing her masters and working as a Fellow. She loves being creative and is into competitive karaoke!

#ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #Birmingham #InternationalStudent #PsychologyGrad

Cat has a research background, completing a BSc in Biological and Medicine Sciences and an MRes in Translational Medicine. She has also worked as a Veterinary Pathologist assistant and a lab assistant.

#ScienceGrad #MRes #GEMCourse #Nottingham

Evie is a biomedical science graduate with experience as an intern for The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership organisation. She talks about her applications to med school and interests in research and increasing awareness around intersectional inequalities!

#ScienceGrad #UndergradCourse #BSMS

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